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Bruce Johnson

Author, Columnist and Director of the
National Arts & Crafts Conference
at The Grove Park Inn since 1988

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An Incredible Opportunity for the A&C Community

An Incredible Opportunity for the A&C Community

In January of this year, a man by the name of Forrest L. Merrill sold something incredible to Gus Bostrom and California Historical Design, Inc., with the understanding that a non-profit foundation would be formed to safeguard and preserve it for future generations. What, you may be asking yourself, is so extraordinary about all this? Let's flashback for a minute...

The year was 1933. Dirk van Erp, one of the most prominent coppersmiths in America during his time,...

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$135The Woodpecker tapestry

This fine classic William Morris tapestry is available in two sizes. It is also available without the verse. The Woodpecker tapestry is woven in France in 80% cotton and is lined with a rod pocket for easy hanging. Shipped free within North America.

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Date made: 2012
Dimensions: 39"x19"

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Little Journeys

A Woman of Letters

A Woman of Letters

She was the last of the great letter writers.

Violet Hickok, better known to us simply as Grandma Hickok, lived her entire life on the Illinois prairie, where she and my grandfather (pictured) started farming during the Great Depression, only to have their very first corn crop completely wiped out by a violent hail storm.

But she and my grandfather, Myron Hickok, demonstrated that trademark Midwestern determination, survived their first winter together,...

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Arts & Crafts Businesses 690-7966

Specializing in quality American and European Art Pottery with over 1500 examples available online.

6606 N. Rustic Oak Ct.
Peoria, IL Featured from the Business Listings

Collector's Guide

Spotting The Elusive -- And Important -- Shopmark

Spotting The Elusive -- And Important -- Shopmark

As collectors, we never tire of spotting a shopmark, whether it be initials scratched on the bottom of a vase, a decal inside a top drawer or a die-stamped cipher on the underside of a hammered copper bowl. With the rare exception of a forged mark (more on that in two weeks), the shopmark unlocks a door to a wealth of information about the piece we hold in our hands.

Shopmarks were not unique to Arts & Crafts makers, but the practice of signing a piece...

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What's It Worth?

Teco Vase #182

Teco Vase #182 Teco vase, shape #182, designed by Fritz Albert and W.D. Gates, tall form in a matte green glaze with good charcoal highlights, signed, 8"w x 16"h. Estimate $1,000 - $1,500 (Toomey-Treadway Auction, December 7th, 2013) Sold for $2,196
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Shopmark of the Week

Frackelton Pottery Let's test your knowledge of early Arts & Crafts pottery. Do you recognize this mark?
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