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Bruce Johnson

Author, Columnist and Director of the
National Arts & Crafts Conference
at The Grove Park Inn since 1988

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From a House To an Entire Museum

From a House To an Entire Museum

For most collectors, finding a few stellar pieces of Arts and Crafts is their stated goal.

For a smaller number of collectors, filling a room, perhaps even the majority of their home, becomes an even loftier goal, one that might take years to achieve, if ever.

And then there is the stratosphere of collectors for whom furnishing a home is just the starting point. The majority of this group become Arts and Crafts hoarders, filling closets, garages, storage sheds,...

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$4.75Twelve New Brass Door Knob Set Screws

These are the screws that seem to be always missing - and these slotted head 1/4" set screws will fit your antique doorknobs. No re-tapping needed, they are sized perfectly to fit the antique doorknob spindle thread. Shipping is free!


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Little Journeys

Collecting Mania

Collecting Mania

I have been a collector all of my life, starting back in the era of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris baseball cards, worn Lincoln pennies and Jefferson nickels gathered on my paper route, and, for a brief while, matchbook covers from roadside motels and smoky cafes smelling of bacon grease and eggs over-easy fried in real butter.

It took me a few decades, but I gradually refined my search, although I still love to read about a Ty Cobb card going to auction or a 1943 Lincoln...

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Bear Tracks Estate845.362.3938

Just 35 minutes from NYC, totally renovated A&C home, nestled next to 40,000 acres of Harriman State Park, across from Mahwah River. 5 bedrooms, 5 + bathrooms with pool, sauna, great rooms, 4 car garage/horse stall barn & gardens. REFERRAL FEE!


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Collector's Guide

Refinished vs. Original Finish: What To Do?

Refinished vs. Original Finish: What To Do?

We start this discussion with a clear premise: a refinished antique is worth less than the same form in its original finish.

But from there the waters can get a little murky.

Should you buy a refinished piece?

How much less should you pay? 25%? 50%? 75%?

Does refinishing it again lessen the value even more?

We can blame the fact that many Arts and Crafts antiques no longer have their original finish on at least three factors. First,...

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Tiffany Studios Shade

Tiffany Studios Shade Tiffany Studios shade, bronze with etched designs, original patina, 10"w x 5"h. Estimate $250 - $350 (Toomey-Treadway Auction, June 1st, 2014) Sold for $2,074
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