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at The Grove Park Inn since 1988

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The Latest From the Bay Area

The Latest From the Bay Area Wonder what's been going on with the Dirk van Erp exhibition and book being put out by Gus Bostrom of California Historical Design? We've got the latest! The year was 1933. Dirk van Erp, one of the most prominent coppersmiths in America during his time, passed away in San Francisco at age 72. Stricken with grief, Dirk’s widow, Mary, exclaimed, “I’m not going to live without Dirk!” Within hours she passed away as her son William sat by her bedside.William...
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$1500Rare Halcyon Pottery California Vase

A Large and Interesting Vase from the Pottery at Halcyon, California. Measuring about 10" tall and in fine condition. Signed with the cojoined H P and the letter C as shown. Rare and unique.

Maker: Halcyon
Location: San Antonio, TX
Date made: Circa 1930
Dimensions: 10" tall

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Little Journeys

Squeezing the Juice Out of a Lemon

Squeezing the Juice Out of a Lemon

"When handed a lemon, make lemonade."

We've all been handed our share of lemons, and I picked one of my own last week on my trip to San Diego.

Unlike a couple of earlier trips, on this one I had a rare afternoon to myself, so had put on my list to tour the famed 1905 Arts and Crafts home and museum, the Marston House. This 8500-square-foot, combination Tudor-Craftsman-Prairie School home is considered an Arts and Crafts gem, complete with furniture...

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Seiz Pottery217-483-3285

Handcrafted innovative Arts & Crafts art pottery and tile by potter John Seiz. Visit our website for available items from Seiz Pottery as well as a resource guide for all styles of art pottery. New items are added as they are unloaded from the kiln.

Chatham, IL

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Collector's Guide

Excitement in St. Petersburg

Excitement in St. Petersburg

Some of you may have heard the news earlier this year, and quite frankly, we're surprised it didn't spread like wild fire. As the Two Red Roses Foundation formally announced plans for the construction of the Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement (MAACM), which will become the permanent home for the Foundation's comprehensive collection. The museum will be located in the thriving downtown arts district of St. Petersburg, Florida, near the Craftsman-styled bungalows...

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What's It Worth?

Teco Jardiniere #144

Teco Jardiniere #144 Large Teco jardiniere, #144, designed by Fritz Albert, Praire School influenced form covered in a good green matte glaze, impressed marks, 15"w x 10"h. Estimate $2,500 - $3,500 (Toomey-Treadway Auction, June 1st, 2014) Sold for $3,050
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Shopmark of the Week

Heal & Son (Heal's) This may seem like an easy one given that the name is prominently displayed in the shopmark itself but we're doing it differently this week. Do you know where this company was in operation and what they made?
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